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  • Pre-selected Vocab words integrated into SmartyReader’s Vocab Companion
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  • Testimonial anika
    "SmartyReader has been a helpful tool in allowing me to raise my writing score over 100 points! Whether I'm sitting in the car on the way to school, or at home on my computer, SmartyReader is not only readily accessible, but also helps me focus on improving my weaknesses."
  • Testimonial ori
    "Math has always come easy to me, but my critical reading score wouldn't budge. Then I found SmartyReader, and after using it every day for two months, my score went up 110 points!"
    Ori, Senior at Pikesville High
  • Testimonial nadia
    "SmartyReader has not only helped to improve my scores on standardized testing but has helped me to become a more adept reader in the classroom. I am now able to read passages and not only comprehend them on a deeper level but apply that comprehension to broader purposes. "
  • Testimonial sydney
    "SmartyReader was one of the best things to happen to me when preparing for the SAT. It helped improve my reading comprehension substantially, and I got to read interesting articles at the same time."
  • Testimonial timmy
    "SmartyReader was a great resource to practice and improve my SAT critical reading (on the old SAT) in an engaging and interactive way. Having real articles to read made it much easier to practice for the SAT. I improved my critical reading score from a 620 to a 710 using SmartyReader."

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